Growler Policy

Growler Policy

We have started to fill personal growlers again in our tap room! During open hours, you are welcome to bring your clean, Henniker or blank growlers to be filled. If you place an order for a growler through curbside pick up, we will use a brand new growler and you will be charged $3 for the glass.

Fills are based on what's on tap 

We offer two sizes of growler fills:

32 oz (2 pints of beer)

64oz (4 pints of beer)

We no longer sanitize and swap dirty growlers for clean ones. Once you have purchased a growler, it is your responsibility to keep it clean to be refilled. Empty glass growlers are $3 each. There is no deposit, they are yours to keep. 

We reserve the right not to refill dirty, chipped or clear glass growlers. We are not permitted to fill gallon growlers. Per New Hampshire law, we are only able to fill Henniker Brewing and blank growlers. We will not fill another brewery’s growler. Thank you for understanding.


  • Enjoy fresh! Growlers should be opened within 24-72 hours after filling. Though you might be able to get away without opening for a week, we do not recommend waiting as this fill could differ slightly from your last fill.
  • Though you are getting the freshest beer right off our taps, it’s important to know that growler fills are considered draft beer. Pouring off a tap introduces oxygen and will immediately begin to degrade the beer.
  • Once you’ve opened the growler, promptly (and responsibly) drink the rest. Putting a partial growler back in your fridge is the same as leaving an open beer can in there.
  • Keep filled growlers cold and dark. An increase of pressure and light could cause glass to burst. Contents are under pressure.
  • Growlers should be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, rinsed and allowed to air dry immediately after drinking. Leave cap off growler while drying, to avoid mold growth.
  • After cleaning, growlers should be stored with the cap on, unsealed.


With every growler fill, you will receive a stamp on your punch card. After 9 refills, your 10th one is 50% off.