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Henniker Kolsch Tap Handle Sticker

Henniker Kolsch

Crisp, refreshing, clean, and extremely drinkable. Just the way the style was intended when it originated in Cologne, Germany at the Sunner Brewery in 1906.

ABV: 4.6% IBU's: 32


Working Man's Porter Tap Handle Sticker

Working Man's Porter

An English Style Dark Ale brewed in the tradition of England's Industrial Revolution, an age of rough-handed factory workers...

5.2% ABV

Hop Slinger IPA Tap Handle Sticker

Hop Slinger IPA

Bold and bitter, fruity and fresh! We searched around the world to bring you the best hops on the market for this juicy, aromatic IPA.

7% ABV


Damn Sure

Brewed with malted oats, unmalted wheat, our house English Pale malt, and enough American Hops to make you stand and say the pledge of allegiance.
8.5% ABV
Miles & Miles

Miles & Miles

We dry-hopped Miles & Miles with over a pound of hops per barrel using a blend of Citra and Vic Secret. This beer pairs well with grilled meats, sharp cheeses, and koozies.

5.5% ABV

limited seasonals
Red Scooter

Red Scooter

Big bright tropical notes of papaya and mango, with a citrus zest finish.

6% ABV

HBC-Double Scoot-TAP-01

Double Scoot

Double the booze, double the hops, double the aroma, well… not really, but definitely double the fun?

A bigger, hoppier version of our beloved Red Scooter IPA.

9% ABV

Flap Jack tap handle sticker


Everybody's favorite un-pumpkin beer. Double Brown Ale with local Maple Syrup. Because pumpkins are for porches.

7% ABV

HBC Space Race-01 (1)

Space Race

Calling all Cosmonauts and Space Cowboys! This DIPA is hazier than Halley's Comet and is carrying a massive payload of Galaxy and Vic Secret. Fortunately for you, it doesn't have to be drank from a pouch

Limited Release

8.1% ABV

180817 HBC Hugs From Pat-01

Hugs From Pat

Double IPA for all the huggable Pats in your life. Brewed using Galaxy and Mosaic hops.

8.7% ABV


Victory Garden

Seasonal Wet Hopped Kolsch Style Ale  hopped with fresh Triumph Hops from @thehopyard 

(Previously Krieger)

HBC-RETROFIT- TAP 01-17-20-01


Seek out the modifiers. The ones putting their mark on tradition. The ones looking to improve, improvise and Retrofit. We modified the traditional Pilsner style with some modern Australian Hops giving bright tropical aromas to this clean, crisp, and classic style.

Limited Release

4.8% ABV


48 Flags

Malty and mild, just like we like 'em. This beer is brewed every year to raise awareness for the growing group of hikers who simultaneously hike all 48 four-thousand footers in NH and raise the American flag at noon, to honor first responders affected by 9/11. 

A portion of the proceeds of this beer are donated to the FealGood Foundation. 

4.6% ABV


Footy Pajamas

Even if they triple dog dare you, don't stick your tongue to a frozen pole. Trust us. Instead, treat your taste buds to Footy Pajamas. It has notes of dark fruit, brown sugar, and warming spices that could almost stand-in for dessert, almost.

Limited Release

8.7% ABV

HBC-PICNIC- TAP 07-13-21-01


Our beloved pie-flavor inspired sour ale returns with mouthfuls of juicy blueberry and meyer lemon. 

5% ABV 

HBC Squints-01


Pull up your stirrups, grab your spikes and oil up that glove, baseball is back! Don’t be an L7 weenie, grab a can of Squints and get ready to celebrate another season of America’s pastime with our Pale Lager. This easy drinking brew goes great with sunflower seeds, Big League Chew, peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Just remember there’s no crying in beer.

Limited Release

5.1% ABV


Sour Flower

As the weather warms, our palates drift from robust, bracing beers towards drier, brighter and tarter styles. That's where Sour Flower comes in. Dry-hopped for notes of juicy tropical fruit to balance the sour, tart, lemony zing, our summer seasonal is evocative, peculiar, and quite contrarian; everything we love in a beer. Pair it with pickled veggies, smokey BBQ, and feeling the grass in between your toes.

5% ABV

HBC Trail Buddy-01

Trail Buddy

Inspired by your trail buddy, we've created the perfect Summer Ale. Inspired by English Pale Ales and using hops from The Hop Yard in Maine.

3.8% ABV

wurst bier tap handle sticker

Wurst Beer

Our seasonal fest beer. Brewed for the most wonderful time of the year! 

5.6% ABV 


HBC MosHefe-01

Mos Hefe

Yo, this beer is straight O.G. with estery notes of banana and clove. This beer will bring you back to slap bracelets and music videos on T.V.

4.8% ABV 

HBC Slow Paddler-01

Slow Paddler

This dry hopped Kellerpils is brewed with malted oats, unmalted wheat and our house English Pale Malt. Crisp, refreshing, clean and extremely drinkable. 


4.3% ABV

Double Roast Tap Handle Sticker

Double Roast

Brewed with a blend of coffee beans from White Mountain Gourmet Coffee in Concord, NH.  We took everything you loved about The Roast and kicked it up a notch.

Limited Release

ABV: 10%

All That Jazz Tap Handle Sticker

All That Jazz

This beer is as simple or complex as you want to make it. Its balance of nuanced notes reminds us of jazz music. We think more beer should be All That Jazz.

Limited Release

ABV: 5.2%

Hey Bear

Hey Bear

This spring lager is sure to please with notes of toasted bread, floral hops, apple blossom with slight warming from the alcohol

6.8% ABV


Keep New Hampshire Brewing

State-wide collaboration IPA using local malt from Maine Malt House, Cascade and Hallertau Blanc hops from Crosby Farms. 

6% ABV



This New England Barleywine is brewed using all its grains from Morrill Farm and the entirety of its hops from the Hopyard. The result is distinctly a New England twist on a classic English style.

ABV: 9.2%



Vienna lagers were among the first pale lagers thanks to a little innovation and a lot of corporate espionage. Both bready and crisp, they paved the way for the most popular lager styles.

ABV: 4.8%

The Roast Tap Sticker

The Roast

We brewed this stout with a blend of gourmet coffee beans roasted just for us by Concord's White Mountain Coffee Roasters.

6.5% ABV

Splitter Sticker


As comforting as the smell of a camp fire with the drinkability to back it up. Experience a different side of craft beer.

5% ABV

Rustique Tap Handle Sticker Website


Our hoppy farmhouse ale blends new world hops with an old-world style yeast.

6.5% ABV

HBC-PRIMER- TAP 02-20-20-01


Inspired by the classic motorcycles featured in the Primer Moto Show, we brewed this pale ale with classic Amarillo and Cascade hops to bring out that timeless balance of citrus and pine.

Limited Release

4.3% ABV

2018 Company Tap Sticker


Belgian-style quadruple ale aged on house-toasted cherrywood cured with white rum from Flag Hill Distillery in Lee, NH

Limited Release

10.5% ABV

Queen Pollyanna Tap Handle Sticker

Queen Pollyanna

Sour Red Ale aged on white oak, red wine barrel staves, from Flag Hill Winery in Lee, NH

Limited Release

9% ABV

Ora Tap Handle Sticker


Rustic, Belgian-style golden ale brewed with barley, rye, oats, wheat, and spelt.

Limited Release

​ABV: 8.5%

King Misanthrope Tap Handle Sticker

King Misanthrope

Russian Imperial Stout aged on house-toasted maple wood cured with American whiskey from Flag Hill in Lee, NH

Limited Release

​ABV: 10%